The legal protection of classified information is regulated in Classified Information Act (ZTP). It should be applied to the working process of bodies of local community, public authorization holders and other bodies, companies and organizations, which generate and/ or use classified information, which concern public safety, national security, foreign matters, intelligence services, etc.

In accordance to slovenian legislation, every body has to provide a plan of protecting the classified information. Such plan should be periodically monitored and refreshed.


– preparing all necessary legal documents,
– generating system of determination, marking, processing, storage, forwarding, de-classifying and destroying classified data.


Plans of protection of classified information.

Evidence of entries to the classified data (forms and other legal documents).

Resolution on determination of security and administrative areas.


Bodies of local community, public authorization holders and other bodies, companies and organizations, which produce and/ or use classified data in accomplishing their tasks. Our offer is also widely used by other subjects which have a contact with the classified data because of the execution of various orders which come from the state´s bodies or connected organizations.


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