Some forms of intellectual property cannot be protected by copyright or patent law. Companies protect such property as a »corporate or bussiness secret«. They define it in their statutes or other main company acts and in the the third person contracts. In slovenian legislation there are also many legal acts by which organizations are directly bond to protect data which was gained in connection to their bussiness activity and operation (for ex. in banking, insurance, telecommunications, etc.). They should also produce internal acts which define such data as confidential and which defines rights and obligations of people who get in contact with it. Legislation also regulates another type of confidentiality in some professions, such as medicine, law, journalism, etc.


– producing all necessary legal documents,
– generating the system of decision-making, protecting and providing corporate secrets and other confidential data.


Books of regulation on decision-making, proceeding, providing and declassifying confidential data and corporate secrets.

Resolution on determination of the corporate secret and on treating it.

Contract on protecting and securing confidential data.


Our offer is intended to be used by organizations which want to establish a system of securing the confidential data or corporate secrets and are bond by legislation to do so. We offer our advice to the individuals also, especially regarding the confidentiality with some of the professions.


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